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Whether you’re looking for better quality dates, a committed relationship or marriage, we’ll show you a better way to meet Louisiana singles that meet your standards. No more settling!

Finding Professional Singles Is Easy With My Louisiana Matchmaker
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About My Louisiana Matchmaker

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We believe being single is a choice.

Working with a professional matchmaker is a choice. Love and happiness are choices. We design our lives based on the choices we make.

My Louisiana Matchmaker encourages you to say this next sentence out loud. “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” If you keep doing the same things you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get the same things you’ve always gotten.

Do you want a different result than you have now? Do you ever wish you had someone special to share your life with? Are you ready to stop playing games and start playing for keeps? It’s time to make a choice!

  • Background Checks
  • Personal Screening and Matching
  • Real Louisiana Singles
  • Relationship Coaching Available
  • Professional With A Track Record Of Successes

How and Why Our Program Works For You

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My Louisiana Matchmaker is a professional introduction service that provides a safe and effective way for busy men and women seeking quality singles for a meaningful relationship.

If you like the idea of having a professional matchmaker in your corner rooting for your success, and doing the hard work of finding the right local singles for you to meet and consider dating, click here to fill out a free, no-obligation inquiry and schedule a one-on-one mutual evaluation to find out if My Louisiana Matchmaker is right for you!

Online Dating or Professional Matchmaking? You Decide.

Most Online Dating Websites

  • No Background checks
  • Not all photos and profiles are real
  • Public Profiles
  • Married and singles subscribe
  • Uses algorithms
  • Can join for free or pay small fees
  • Time-consuming, exhausting, and costs more in the long run

My Louisiana Matchmaker

  • Background checks
  • In-person screenings, using current photos 
  • Confidential
  • Physically and emotionally available prospects
  • Human touch compatibility-based matchmaking
  • Invested Singles
  • Saves time, energy, and even money in the long run
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Why To Give Us A Try

Many singles have fears and apprehensions when it comes to moving forward in this part of their lives. The Matchmakers at My Louisiana Matchmaker are experienced in helping you identify these blocks, and will assist you in your plan of action for removing these blocks that are keeping you single. By being matched with like-minded individuals, it’s easier to become more trusting.

Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. Make a big change in your life. Click here to contact My Louisiana Matchmaker.